”We do not have to only be the world champion in Field Marketing. We need to build on and develop each other. We need to develop the most talented employees and make the best result oriented leaders. If an employee seeks new challenges, we want their time in AM to open doors for them. We should be known for being hard, but fair, needing, but developing and some good guys and girls”– quote: Anders Torp, Partner & Sales Director

Who we are?
- Experts in Field Marketing!
- Started in 2008 in Denmark. The leading agency in Scandinavia with 8 offices and 100 employees.
- Started in late 2015 in Dubai and will later on also open in Abu Dhabi.
- Over 100 full time employees worldwide, who are all contributing to our continuing growth.
- Educate, develop and promote only from our own ranks.
- We do not look at age, education or experience – we look at people!

We have experience in several branches such as; Telecommunication B2C and B2B, Newspaper and Media, Home Security, Energy, Broadband, TV, Bank, Food Plans, Credit Card and Loyalty Card, Memberships in general etc.

What is happening in the year 2016?
- In Scandinavia we set a record in 2013, 2014, 2015 and wants to do the same in 2016.
- The new office in Dubai needs to grow fast and together do fantastic sales results.
- We will always offer our employees career options.
- Continuing promoting only our own employees as we have done since day one.
- Monthly social events and parties like AM Fight Day.
- Always be the company who keeps our promises.

What do we do?
- We handle the direct sales and marketing for our clients.
- We are the face outwards for our clients – we hunt and deliver exeptional results.
- We make sure that our clients gets the right amount of sales in the right time and quality.
- We meet the costumers where they are – in the field.
- Work in teams with regional areas of responsibilities.

What do we offer?
- The intern training program of AM and becoming a expert in field marketing.
- Visa and health care.
- That you can earn yourself a good salary. We expect our employees to hit a monthly salary between 10.000 to 30.000 AED.
- We don’t work in hours but in results.
- A workplace where the saying ”Loyalty is measured in adversity” is alive
- Build your own career in sales and also in sales management.
- Intern management education.

Who are you?
- A person who is eloquent and has looking for the opportunity to use it.
- Perfect in English.
- A hunting winner type who wants to create great sales results.
- Loves to work in teams, where the individual also can stand out.
- Spreads good karma and positive energy to the office and in the field.
- Looking to kickstart your career or looking new challenges.
- Wants to be a part of a company who wants to grow together with its employees.

Should you apply for a job a AM?

We are challenging you! The applicants we find interesting and relevant will be invited to a 30 minutes presentation about AM, the opportunities and the job. We are looking forward to meet you.



Send an application with a photo of you to: torp@amsales.ae