Meet one of our employees

I was hired by AM Sales on September 29, 2008 – as a very young man. I got thrown into it and had to work for it from day one. I got pushed to do better every day – and funny enough so I did!

I have learned a lot from my time in AM Sales, for example that you can do whatever you set your mind up to!

I came from the office in Aalborg and moved to Copenhagen shortly after, to start up our department here. It was a radical change to sell to the Copenhagen people, but I got a lot of support and believed that I could do it!

If I compare myself today with me in 2008 I have developed a lot and can see two completely different personalities. I got more determined to do more, so I could get the success that I wanted!

One of the things that I noticed is the unity that we have in the offices. Everybody is willing to do some extra work to fulfil the daily budget and if someone need a helping hand, you will always get one from the colleague or leader.

Jesper Krogh, Sales Manager Denmark & Partner


I was looking for new challenges and I got it in the office in Aarhus in AM Sales. I stepped into an office, where I from the beginning could feel the power and will. It was a group of fighters who worked here! Shortly after I was hired AM Sales held AM Fight Day – and of course the office in Aarhus won!

You can feel this ”fight” that people wants to win everyday. It gives me a lot as a person to be a part of. I can feel the confidence grow when I get verified that I am doing a good job – it gives me satisfaction.

I worked myself up at the AM carrier ladder; first as a Team Leader Trainee, then Team Leader, afterwards Sales Manager Trainee, and today I am a Sales Manager for Aarhus and Midtjylland. I have learned a lot on this journey, not only about myself, but also how to motivate and develop other people. I love to develop and motivate other people and see how they can grow and get to goals they never thought was possible.

As said I now stand here as a Sales Manager for the office in Aarhus and Midtjylland, and I am not stopping here! HUA!

Klaus Toft, Sales Manager Aarhus/Midtjylland