Career options in AM

We train, develops and promotes only by our own employees!

Which means, that you have a good possibility to do further carrier in sales and management in AM Sales.

Our career pattern is:

Market consultant – Here you are in a team and you have to maintain your budgets and contribute to the continuing development of the team and office.

Team Leader – Here you have the responsibility for you and your teams budget and goals. You will be a part of the offices management group and will be referring to the highest responsible person in the office. Without a doubt one of our most attractive, rewarding and demanding positions

Project Leader – Here you are the binding link between AM and our client and must make sure that everything regarding the project is going the way we planned

Region Sales Manager – Here you have the responsibility for a whole office and region. The responsibility for all sales, recruiting and development; who is hired, who is fired and the top motivator and driving force! Furthermore you will be in the top management group in AM – Probably one of our most attractive positions on all points.

Sales Manager Denmark – Here you have the responsibility for all sales, recruiting and development in the whole country and furthermore you have to make sure that all the values of AM in maintained.

Sales Director – Here you have to keep developing and follow up sales managers and team leaders. You have to plan the economical operation for the whole country, schedule meetings for the leaders and be top responsible for all results.