What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing has always existed, but it was first in the 1980s it had a name and got professional. Field marketing is 2 or more people who are communicating with each other.

Field marketing took its starting point in sales on the street. Through the years it has developed from being primitive to being a serious and organised business, which has a drive like no other sales and marketing channels.

Products and services have been described through a face-to-face trust bond – which has shown to be the most effective way of doing it. This effective marketing has developed to a more mature and respected channel.

The first people who saw the opportunities of doing business with field marketing was small businesses in USA in the 1980’s, and they quickly started to place things in order. More businesses started to show up and maintain the sale and marketing for other companies. At first it was seen as a simple way of selling on the street, but through the years it has been taken more seriously and is now a complete sales and marketing channel. By using field marketing you get traditional marketing, branding, image-building, awareness and much more – but even more important is: By using field marketing you always get sales and there by new costumers!

Flexibility in marketing is more and more desired, and here has Field marketing developed to being the strongest player, who with out a doubt is the most flexible! Field marketing can change the conditions from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute – no matter what the times says, what place is used and what culture you are in!